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If ever you had to look for GM truck parts you certainly know of Jim Carter Truck Parts, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of parts for Chevrolet and GMC light trucks made between 1934 and 1972. The company is located in Independence, Missouri.

Well, among other things, Mr. Carter owns a salvage yard full of great looking classic trucks, a place that he calls “a hidden treasure”. There are hundreds of trucks there and one of my wishes is to visit the place someday, if Mr. Carter will allow me.

In the meantime, I can only show you some of the pictures I found in their Website. You can pay a virtual visit to the salvage yard by clicking here.

These are some of the photos I’ve chosen to show you. Click on the picture to see it expanded.

jim_carter_1 jim_carter_2
jim_carter_3 jim_carter_4
jim_carter_7 jim_carter_6
jim_carter_5 jim_carter_8

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I like the open road and as a former motorcycle rider, I like to go out with a goup of friends who ride bikes. My 54 Chevy functions as an “escort vehicle” transporting things they can’t take on their bikes, like tools, spare tires, big coolers and extra clothing.

mapa_SebringWe recently spent a Saturday travelling between Miami and Sebring, in Central Florida, where we went to see a motorcycle event. I took a lot of pictures there and would like to show some of them here.


IMG_6411   IMG_6470

IMG_6420   IMG_6431IMG_6425

IMG_6421   IMG_6434

IMG_6447   IMG_6452



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I am not a professional photographer but I know a little bit about how to set a camera properly. Things aren’t too difficult with the new digital cameras because you can set them to “Auto” and their tiny computers will take care of everything. And then there’s the computer at home, which allows you to tweak the pictures they way you like.

So, it’s not too hard to get great shots and most of the time I’m happy with the results I get when I an taking pictures of my 54 Chevy truck. Most of the time… because there are occasions when I take 50 pictures and only one of two are any good.

And then, there are occasions like yesterday, when I went out to Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport just before the sun came up and had a great session. The picture below was the best of the bunch. I have looked at it many times and can’t find any flaws there. At least to my taste, this picture is great! I hope you agree with me.



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I recently visited one of the most popular classic car events of South Florida, the “Towershoppes of Davie Friday Night Cruise”, which I visit frequently. It is a great place to meet other classic car and old truck lovers and chat with them about most anything besides classic cars and old trucks. It is also a great place to take pictures and record videos because there’s a great variety of antique and classic vehicles there. And I take a lot of pictures too.movie_camera

Well, this time I was in for a little surprise and a strange experience. There was a gentleman there with a nice truck of the 1950’s whom I approached and asked for permission to take pictures of his truck. He granted me permission and I snapped a few shots of the truck. And then I went back to the man to ask him a few questions about his vehicle, how long he had it, how did he get it, info about restoration and things like that. But it was hard to get anything out of him. The guy was interested in selling some health product, a type of fruit imported from South America and that was the only thing he wanted to talk to me about. It’s one of those Multi Level Marketing schemes they want to get more people to join in order to allow them to make their money. I have nothing against MLM but this guy didn’t give me any room at all to talk. If he didn’t have a great looking old truck I wouldn’t bother trying to talk to him.

After a while I gave up. After all, I had already taken a good number of pictures of his truck and had even recorded about a minute of video there. I gave the man my card and left.

Three days later the guy calls me on the phone and starts talking about the product he was selling, pushing me to join his “company”. I said no and explained that MLM is not something I want to get involved in. It’s not for me, I know I can’t get a fair number of people under me to sell whatever product they’re selling and thanks, but no, thanks. Then he asked me what I was going to do with the pictures I had taken of his truck. Well, when I asked for his permission to take the pictures I explained that I have this blog and that I might use the pictures in my blog. At first he was excited about it but when he called me on the phone he simply said that I could not show those pictures to anybody and specially not on the Internet… Wow! What a change of attitude!

camera_lens Why would somebody do that? Is there a problem showing pictures on the Internet? I know that you need authorization for that from the owner of the vehicle, even if you take the pictures yourself but why would he change his mind like that? Yeah, it was probably because I didn’t buy the miracle product he was selling… He wanted to punish me for not joining his MLM group.

Whatever his reason, I want to send him a message through this blog. I have the pictures and the video of his truck and I am not going to publish them. Not only because he asked me not to, but because I don’t need to do that. I have thousands of other pictures of trucks as good or better than his and I still have my cameras to take thousands more. I am also not going to publish them because I think he is not a sincere person. He is using his truck to lure people and to push for the sale of his product. Is this legal? Probably. But I don’t like that. I go to classic car shows to see classic vehicles and to talk about them. I don’t go to these shows to shop and specially not to be pushed into an MLM program…

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This post is my way of showing my respect to those who have to face traffic everyday on their way to work and back home and specially those who drive in traffic all day long. I salute you for the patience you must have out there. And I want you to look at these pictures and dream about the peace they inspire.


peace_1 It was a cold day around Seattle, WA when I took this picture. The sun was behind the clouds and there was a light breeze in the air. These boats were anchored there, moving slowly from one side to the other of the anchor. But the water was calm and I could feel the incredibly pure air in my lungs.


country_road Is there anything better than  leaving home early on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a drive in a country road? The air is clear, you are completely rested and the road is empty.  The road is empty! You can see for several miles ahead of you and there’s nobody pushing behind either. In a place like this there’s no need to have the speed limits posted because only a fool would drive fast here.


to_the_beach But you don’t have to go for a long drive in a country road to find the peace that nature offers. This picture was taken less than 10 miles away from my home in Miami, FL. The sun had risen about an hour before and the way to a park by the beach was still clear. The city is far away on the left and the park is empty. Would you believe if I told you that this is hurricane country? Fortunately we don’t have hurricanes every day here. And we don’t have them every year either… Peace, to all of you!



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I hope you forgive me for moving away from the main topic of this blog but I need to use this space to express my love of photography. Photography was one of the reasons why I decided to create this blog, which gives me a chance of showing some of the most interesting classic cars and old trucks I encounter during my trips and at the shows I visit. And photography is also the best way to preserve some of the most beautiful moments we go through in our lives, as shown in the photo of the waterfall above, taken at Fairchild Tropical Gardens, in Miami, Fl.

Photography is also the best way to preserve images we tend to forget. For example, I had already forgotten the last time I had my truck painted back in 2007 when I stumbled upon the picture seen at right. The end result of the paint job was wonderful but I wish I could forget the pain I had to endure before this moment came. I made the mistake of taking my truck to be restored at a shop whose main mechanic was a good mechanic but knew nothing about classic cars and old trucks. He made many mistakes but it was my fault because I should have never left my truck there…

Taking pictures is something we all do during our trips so we can show off when we get back. But there are places and moments that are burned in our memories and stay there for a long time and that can be revived when we look at the pictures we took. This is the case with the photo shown at left and which was taken back in July of 2009, somewhere in the rugged Northern coast of the State of California, one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  Pine trees, high cliffs and the Pacific Ocean in mid-morning. This has nothing to do with old trucks but it is unforgettable!

Also in the West Coast and during the same trip I mentioned above I had a chance of paying another visit to the city of San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As an early riser I had the chance of photographing one of those world famous cable cars almost empty, slowly going towards the steep hill on its way to the downtown area, with Alcatraz Island in the background.

Did I leave my heart in San Francisco? Probably, because I love the place and I will go back there every time I have a chance!

Finally a picture with three kinds of birds: the Good-Year blimp, a classic North American T-6 trainer aircraft of World War II and a real bird basking in the sun. This picture was taken on November 21st, 2009, at Kendall-Tamiami Airport, in Miami, FL during a classic car show I went to see there. This is one of those rare moments when you have to have your camera handy, because the blimp will move very slowly and so will the T-6 trainer but the real bird will fly away in a second and you may never have another chance to compose a photo like this.

Click at any of the pictures to see it full size.

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